Annual Maintenance Contract

Worried about your audiovisual equipment's constant maintenance and fear of disruption? An annual maintenance contract is just what you need.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) service agreement lets you relax with the peace of mind that your audiovisual systems will keep working like new beyond the standard warranty. If your AV equipment breakdowns, we will get you up and running promptly. We will satisfy your AV needs with a cost-effective maintenance plan.

ABAJ Technologies offers Annual Maintenance Contracts after completing a site survey. These service contracts include regularly scheduled maintenance for all AV systems and equipment at an agreed service level and charge.

Our routine preventive maintenance also evaluates the equipment and device performance and regularly check the life of consumables such as projector lamp. This way, we can avoid system break down. Our dedicated AMC engineers are quick in case of any on-call support requirements.

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The AV systems shall have routine Preventive Maintenance Checks to prevent breakdowns and increase equipment life. Here are some of the Benefits of AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract):

Audiovisual Maintenance

Why choose regular AV maintenance?

Annual audiovisual maintenance offers an effortless way to maximise your ROI. With adequately maintained AV systems, you will have the maximum uptime possible and therefore won’t have to lose valuable time and money repairing poorly maintained audiovisual systems and equipment. An effective audiovisual maintenance contract decreases the likelihood of encountering a system breakdown in critical situations like meeting with a client or a video conference.
Market sectors we support with AV maintenance:

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Audiovisual Maintenance

Trusted to support

We never overlook that we are the people trusted to support business-critical technology assets. Time is always essential; a speedy response is always needed, and regular communication ensures exceptional delivery. Our dedicated expert team strongly agree with all of that, and we develop our service strategy accordingly.

Our AV maintenance contracts with global technology partners are unrivalled, and we possess the most crucial accreditation levels. When you need support, you can be confident that you’re contacting the remarkably qualified and trusted audiovisual support team in the AV industry.

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