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AV systems design by Certified Specialists

Well designed audiovisual systems can play a significant part in the success of any business.

As with any investment, companies demand to know that the audiovisual systems and services they acquire deliver the best possible sense technically, strategically, and financially. Our expert audiovisual consultants bring their expertise in all areas. Our resources of proven real-world knowledge and understanding of current and future AV and IT trend ensure the technologies adopted by our customers are flawlessly mapped to their requirements and deliver optimal value for money.

Expert AV Consultants & Engineers

Whether your project is a small or large-scale refurbishment, relocation or new construction, we will work with your architect or constructor to build an excellent AV technology solution. We interpret your business requirements into technical necessities and present complete construction documentation for build-out. From smaller projects that cycle over months to large projects that span years, we engage as your design adviser throughout the process to guarantee the most suitable outcome.

av design consultation
av design consultation

AV Design Prototype

Besides reducing time and expenses, prototyping can enhance the quality of overall output tremendously. We provide prototypes and mockups for all components before entering into production, enabling clients to approve materials, techniques, features and other relevant details.


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